«Fjordson» is a fantasy adventure comic based on Norwegian folk lore and fairy tales. It’s written and drawn by Malin Falch, with editing and poems by Joshua Hebburn.

14 year old Sonja Solberg lives in a rural town in modern Norway. She finds her life to be increasingly boring and tedious, though she finds fun in doodling, wandering the town and the countryside on horseback, and reading. The story begins on the day of her confirmation. Her uncle Henrik Solberg, an artist, visits for the occasion. He has been away for a couple months, on one of his many trips around Norway, to gather reference sketches, and to paint. During the party after Sonja’s confirmation, Henrik gives her a silver pin as a gift. He claims the pin is an artifact of the Viking-era, and that he found it in the ice while on his trip. Sonja is delighted.

The same night Sonja gets a visitor from a strange boy who claims that the pin is his. Sonja is skeptical, but she starts to realize that Henrik might have been lying about where he has been travelling all these years.

Fjordson is an ongoing web-comic that updates 3 times a week, on Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Follow me about info and extra content about the comic on the social media website links below. If you enjoy the comic, and would like to lend me some support head over to my patreon page.